International express delivery of documents and parcels 

Company "Delivery" offers international express delivery of cargo from any representative office in Ukraine to the door of the receiver.

When sending cargo, it is necessary to produce a photocopy of the sender's passport and documents about acquisition of the cargo. If the cargo is to be controlled, one must have a proper permit.

Price of services of international delivery depends on the weight and dimensions of the cargo. The payment for the air transportation is usually determined by weight in kilograms, at that the weight is rounded to half a kilo to the heavier part. When the ratio of weight and volume exceeds 5, the payment for air freight is charged in accordance with the volume of the cargo. To determine the volume, it is necessary to define sizes of the package of the cargo (in cm to measure length x width x height = V) The volume equals V/5000. If the cargo consists of several seats, payment for the air transportation is charged either by aggregate physical weight or the biggest aggregate volume.

As such, there are no ready rates for international cargo transportation. Company "Delivery" has agency agreements virtually with all the aviation companies, represented in the market of Ukraine. According to these agreements, the company has discounts for international traffic.

Approximate rates for transportation and address delivery of documents and parcels all over the world 
0,5 kg
1 kg
5 kg
10 kg
36 $
42 $
74 $
107 $
The US
58 $
68 $
138 $
309 $
41 $
48 $
127 $
178 $

Express delivery of documents and parcels "to the door" to more than 220 countries of the world in Export/ Import mode.

Standard size of delivery up to 120*50*50 cm, weightup to 30 kg.

Cargo with non-standard parameters are calculated by special rates.

Payment is made at the rate of the serving bank of the freight forwarder

To calculate the price, fill in the order.

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