Delivery-International has started up an automated purchase and delivery system from USA

Delivery-International Company has launched a Delivery-Shop service - fully automated system of goods purchases  in US online-shops with the further delivery to more than 1760 points of issue in Ukraine.
The main difference of  Delivery-Shop service from existing analogues - full integration with the American online-shops, that allows  customers  to shop online instantly without copying references and knowledge of English language.

The lowest price of Delivery-Shop service is  $ 3.5 for the cargo up to 500 g.

Additional charges: "Оrder check" for compliance with cargo packaging (for an unlimited number of items per order) - $ 4.00. This service is an additional guarantee that the customer will receive the goods in Ukraine, fully corresponding to the ordered in the US online-shop.

If you take more than one item, the company offers to consolidate them into one order to deliver to Ukraine. In this case, check of one order will be 1 $ 4.00 + $ 1.50 for consolidation. 
Payment for delivery shall be made through Personal Area by use Visa and Master Card of any bank of Ukraine.
If goods that were purchased in online-shop were not available at warehouse in USA or it arrived damaged, Delivery-International Company guarantees to refund money to the customer in a period of 5 working days.
From the date of payment, Delivery-Shop user begins to track every change of the order status in Personal area and by use of e-mail announcements. For convenience, the system displays the following order status:
  • Order was raised
  • Arrived to the warehouse/ Not arrived to the warehouse
  • Successfully checked/ Is contrary to the purchase
  • Paid and sent to Ukraine/Waiting for payment
  • Passing the customs/ Customs cleared/Passed the custom
  • The cargo during transit across Ukraine
  • Arrived to the warehouse
  • Ready to issue
International transportation to Ukraine through  Delivery-Shop service occupies not more than 5 working days. At the same time, the total product delivery term (from the order in the US online shop to getting it in Ukraine) is largely depends on availability of cargo at warehouse and varies from 16 to 20 days. As a part of the activities of  Delivery-Shop service,  delivery across Ukraine is free for charge.
Today, in  the catalog of  Delivery online-shop is the largest in the world choice of consumer goods - Amazon. In the nearest time it will be available Zappos hypermarket and store for children - Toys R Us.

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Vlasna Marka & Export: 2016

"Delivery-International" takes part in the International Forum on private label and export: Vlasna Marka & Export: 2016.


The project is dedicated to the development of contract manufacturing in Ukraine and entry to foreign markets. Forum Vlasna Marka & Export: 2016 will provide optimal solutions and practical recommendations on how to develop the business of trade and production.

The general audience of the Forum will exceed 350 participants, among which the event will be attended by: retailers, manufacturers, importers and exporters of all product groups, analysts of the Ukrainian trade market, suppliers of goods from abroad, as well as distributors from other regions and countries (Belarus, Poland, Georgia, Hungary, Germany, etc.).

The Forum will present a wide geography of participants of foreign countries: China, the countries of the Persian Gulf (the UAE, Qatar), the EU, the USA, Canada, the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus region, Belarus.

Representative from the company: Danylo Yanok (Specialist of the sales department of foreign trade activities).

International Forum on private label and export: Vlasna Marka & Export: 2016 takes place on September 08th at the address: Kyiv, 33 Velyka Zhytomyrska St., Chamber Plaza.


Happy Independence day of Ukraine!


Dear compatriots!

We congratulate you on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

This holiday is a dedication to the generations of our ancestors who created the nation and fought for statehood. It is a holiday of our brave contemporaries, who are fiercely defending the independence of their country in the east. This is a reminder for each of us that patriotism is not a simple embroidered shirt, or the performance of the State Anthem at a football match. Patriotism is self-sacrifice and devotion, devotion to our people and the ideals, on which Ukraine is built.

The fate of our state is made up of the destinies of different people: each of us who was born free on the free land, but has to fight for our independence. We know for certain that after darkness the dawn will necessarily come, and a new era of independent Ukraine will begin, the pledge of which will be a strong, conscious, united nation!

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!


Delivery increased the quantity of the cargo transported from abroad by 30%

Based on the results of the spring of 2016, the company "Delivery" increased the number of goods transported from abroad by 30%.  For example: in the structure of road transportation by import of FTL, the delivery from the EU countries occupies 60%, from Turkey - 40%.

"Development of international transportation is one of the company's priorities. Within the framework of the agreement on the association of Ukraine and the EU, strong trade relations with the European Union begin to form. However, the cost of transportation from foreign operators is sometimes unacceptable for Ukrainian business. We, as a company with 100% Ukrainian capital, can offer the most loyal and profitable tariff for international cargo transportation," - Deputy Chairman of the Board Andriy Ivasiv commented.

It is to be recalled that "Delivery" delivers cargoes all over the world by air, road and sea transport without limitations on weight and volume.

Professional work with each of the company's clients includes: preparation of accompanying documents, work with customs authorities, organization of logistic chains of cargo delivery (multimodal transportation).


Congratulations on day of memory and reconciliation


On May 08th, Ukraine with most European countries celebrates a bright holiday - Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation. On this day, we remember everyone whose life has been taken by war, bow low for the majestic feat of defenders and liberators, which has become an example of courage and an inexhaustible source of patriotism. 

We are inestimably indebted to the heroes of the war, which ended 71 years ago - we admire the steadfastness and courage of the heroes who defend the integrity of our country today. 

We wish every Ukrainian family peace, harmony and prosperity! 


Congratulations on the light holiday of Easter!

Dear Customers and Partners!

We sincerely congratulate you on the bright holiday of Easter! We wish each of you a sincere Faith, good Hope and faithful Love. May peace, harmony and understanding prevail in your souls, families and homes.

Happy Holidays!


Delivery-international takes part in foodmaster & privatelabel-2016


"Delivery-International" takes part in the 7th International Practical Conference "FoodMaster & PrivateLabel-2016". The key event for specialists of retail chains and supply companies is the event that gathers more than 300 top managers from all over Ukraine on a single site.

Within the framework of the conference, Ukrainian and foreign speakers voice the best business ideas of the year and share their experience in the market of FMCG and Private Labels. Among the main topics of "FoodMaster & PrivateLabel-2016" are effective strategies for the development of FMCG retail during the crisis, tools to increase the profitability of the manufacturer and retailer, the opportunities for the development of sales of products of Ukrainian companies outside the country.

"Delivery-International" is represented by Oleksandr Ilnitskyi, the Development Projects Manager, who reveals in his report the advantages of outsourcing of international turnkey transportation for Ukrainian companies and manufacturers. 

The 7th International Practical Conference "FoodMaster & PrivateLabel-2016" is taking place on April 28th at the address: Kyiv, Vasylia Lypkivskoho St. (Urytskoho St.), 1A, concert-hall "Oasis" (EC "Ultramarine").


Delivery takes part in the IT national forum on export support in the CCI of Ukraine

Logistics Company "Delivery" is a partner of the II National Forum on Export Support in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine under the patronage of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The status event is held under the motto "Discovering countries. Uniting business".

The main idea of the Forum is a qualitative reform of all spheres of the economy for Ukraine's withdrawal to the forefront as an exporting country with an attractive climate for investment. Within the framework of the Forum, the results of 100 days of the Agreement on the Free Trade Zone between Ukraine and the EU, the issues of economic freedoms for business in Ukraine, as well as state support of export-oriented sectors of the economy.

Logistics Company "Delivery" is represented by the Development Projects Manager Oleksandr Ilnitskyi, who on April 28th will take part in two panel discussions: "Strengthening of trade and economic relations between Ukraine and China" and "Innovations in the field of customs and tax legislation". Within the framework of the speech, the expert will share his own professional vision of new opportunities for producers in the context of the idea of the Silk Road, and will also talk about improving the efficiency in product style for import and export operations in Ukraine.   

The Forum will be attended by Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade - Trade Representative of Ukraine Natalya Mikolska, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Affairs Ganna Hopko, Head of the Trade and Economic Section of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Nicolas Burge.

The II National Forum on Export Support "Discovering countries. Uniting business" is held on April 27-28th at the address CCI of Ukraine: 33 Velyka Zhytomyrska St., exhibition centre "Chamber Plaza".


Delivery-international took part in the workshop for students of state economic and technological university of transport

On April 12, the Customer Service Centre hosted a workshop from top managers of "Delivery" for students of the State University of Economic and Technology of Transport.   

The purpose of the meeting was acquaintance of future bachelors and masters with the work of the company, the logic of building the main logistics, development vectors, as well as promising areas of activity of "Delivery" abroad. Heads of the key divisions of the "Delivery" were invited to meet the young specialists: Director of the Department of Transport and Logistics Yuliya Novikova, Head of the Sales Department of Kyiv and the Kyiv Region Oleksandra Grevtsova, Development Projects Manager Oleksandr Ilnitskyi.

Students had the opportunity to compare their theoretical knowledge with the real processes of the logistics company, looking "behind the scenes" of the organization of cargo transportation in Ukraine and abroad. During the discussion that began between future and professional logisticians, provocative questions were asked and fresh interesting ideas were expressed.

The event was held in an active format brain-storming and did not leave indifferent any of the participants!


Delivery-international takes part in business breakfast "outsourcing of international turnkey transportation for key for ukrainian companies and manufacturers"

March 25th, at the "Delivery" Customer Service Centre, the fifth business breakfast was held, which was dedicated to the topic "Outsourcing of international turnkey transportation for Ukrainian companies and manufacturers". The event was attended by more than 25 clients and partners of "Delivery", among them - Vice President of the Harbin International Service Centre for Technology Transfer Sun Min, Chairman of the Board of the Association for the Promotion of Innovative Development Yuriy Legenko and invited guests from Italy. The participants of the business breakfast discussed the tendencies and trends of international logistics in the conditions of the development of the modern market economy.

Experts of "Delivery-International" shared their professional views on the prospects of international cargo delivery by various modes of transport, express delivery of goods by Ukrainian and foreign carriers. Within the framework of the report, direct international routes of "Delivery" were presented, as well as transit routes for cargo transportation to Kazakhstan through Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The participants of the business breakfast also discussed the optimization of logistic costs and the simplification of supply schemes for Ukraine. Yeteryna Grishyna, Commercial Director of "Delivery", presented tariff plans and pallet transportation as key tools for planning logistics and reducing customer expenditures. The company's achievements in the field of address take-off and delivery of goods were shared by the Head of the direction of intracity logistics for work with VIP clients Anton Bondarchuk.

At the end of the official part, the guests of the event in a free atmosphere spoke with the top management of the company and discussed current issues on the specifics of cargo transportation, as well as made their proposals for cooperation.

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