Happy women’s day!

«Delivery» company sincerely wishes Happy Women’s Day!

We wish every day brings admiration and happiness to our beautiful women. We wish your friends and people, whom you love, warms your hearts. We wish all your dreams and plans come true!

We wish you only smiles and harmony in your souls!

Your beauty will save the world!


Be careful! Fraud cases became more frequent!

Dear clients!

On the market of international deliveries, fraud cases became more frequent of customs dues payments by use of e-wallets and credit cards.

Due to the numerous complaints, that have been received by «Delivery» company  from the customers , we kindly  inform that all payments for the cargo transportation are carried out by bank transfer by use of invoices, or by cash at the representative office in the moment  when client received its  cargo.

Attention!  «Delivery»  doesn’t accept payments by electronic money and card accounts.

Delivery gives a notice

  • Do not take any actions, which have been proposed by fraudsters in ATMs and other payment devices;
  • Do not call back;
  • Do not send response SMS-messages;
  • Do not give out card details and your passport details.
In cases when you received text message with a proposal to pay for any services, which you do not know, please contact with employee of «Delivery» Company and clarify information, received by text message.
Guards up!


«Delivery» is a partner of Zaporozhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference

«Delivery» Logistics Company is an official partner of «Safe cargo transportations under Russia sanctions» Conference. This conference was initiated by the Zaporozhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The main questions of discussion were:  problems and its solutions in free-trade zone cancellation conditions with Russian Federation and transit’s blockade in Central Asia; perspective of transportation : Central Asia – China, Ukraine – Georgia – Azerbaijan – Kazakhstan – China; speciality of operator market creation (railway line transportations);

Speakers of the conference were ZCCIC vice-president - Sergey Svistil, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Ukraine – Vladimir Omelyan, Ukranian railways members, logistics operators.

«Delivery» Company presented report:  «International transportations outsourcing. Cargo transits across Georgia and Azerbaijan».

The conference takes place on February 25:  Zaporozhe, Central  Avenue, 4, office 223.


Delivery takes part in the international meeting of the CCI of ukraine

Logistics Company "Delivery" participated in the official meeting of representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, the Chinese Trade Association and the national business of Ukraine with the delegation of Harbin (China), which was held on January 27th, 2016.

Within the framework of the business event, the issues of the development of the Chinese technology park in Ukraine, the investment plan for Ukrainian industry, free trade relations between the two states, as well as alternative delivery of goods from Ukraine in the new direction of the Silk Road were considered.

Chinese delegation included the first persons of the Harbin International Service Centre for Technology Transfer, the Association for the Promotion of Innovative Development "Technologies of the Future", the Department of Science and Technology of Harbin. 


«Delivery» Company wishes a happy New Year!

Dear friends and partners!

New Year – it is one of the sweetest holiday in our life. We are waiting for this mysterious, magical, special time when we believe in accomplishment of desires.

We wish your relatives would be always with you, we wish harmony and calmness would be enthroned in the heart, we wish welfare always would be in your house. We wish all your dreams came true; every day brings you happiness and success.

Sincerely, your «Delivery» team.


Delivery has taken part in «Ukraine Relaunch» Forum.

Delivery has taken part in «Ukraine Relaunch»  Forum. The Forum has been run on a topic «Ukrainian business challenge towards European standards way».  The Ministry of Economic and Trade Affairs and European Commission have supported «Ukraine Relaunch»   Forum.

«Ukraine Relaunch»   Forum is a modern platform of communication between business and government. The aim of the business event is to define variants of government development through the expert’s dialog, business and government dialog, through the presentations and conversations about international experience.

The Forum attended worldwide government members: prime minister of Ukraine – Arseniy Yatsenyuk, EU Commissioner (Johannes Hahn), EU embassadors, civil servants, Ukrainian and international company executives, experts.

The deputy chief executive of «Delivery» Ivasiv A.V. had presented «Delivery Company».


Delivery has acted as a prime sponsor of international commercial and industrial conference.

«Delivery» Logistics Company has acted as a prime sponsor of international commercial and industrial conference. The conference topic was «Export-import operations between Ukraine and EU in 2016 on business and government readiness». The conference was initiated by Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The main idea of the conference was to check information and understand the situation about business and government readiness to work in free market conditions between Ukraine and EU. There was one-of-a-kind opportunity to discuss all pros and cons, to share the practice recommendations about free market advantage usage.

There were famous and distinguished guests invited: European Commission member (Luke Davin), Ukrainian Commission member (Yan Tombinskiy), European investment bank member (Luke Ponzeliny) and international experts; - one of them was «Euler Hermes Deutschland» executive-board member - Gans Yanus.

Among the most expectative guests was a deputy prime minister – Natalia Gniduk speech.

The deputy chief executive of «Delivery» Ivasiv A.V., who had presented «Delivery Company», shared his own professional seeing about free market positive changes and practical efficient recommendations about logistic expense decrease.

International commercial and industrial conference took place on November 12 2015 at Bolshaya Gutomirskaya 33 (Expo Center «Chamber Plaza».)


The deputy chief executive of Delivery Company will visit international exhibition Post-Expo 2015 in Paris

The deputy chief executive of Delivery Company, Ivasiv A.V, will visit international exhibition Post-Expo 2015.  The exhibition will take place in Paris from September 29 until October 1 2015.

Post-Expo – it is a worldwide event, which attracts more than 3 500 participants from national and private mail services, delivery services every year from all over the world.

Post-Expo – it is the professional event, where executive officers, managers, suppliers and customers meet. The main aim of exhibition is exchange of ideas and conformation modern trends of logistic.

Company Delivery presence at abovementioned exhibition corresponds to general strategy of company to be strategic delivery vehicle of international logistic standard at Ukrainian cargo transportation.


Delivery took part in a cooperative meeting between Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry entrepreneur’s committee.

Logistic company Delivery took part in organized conversations between government and business.

Cooperative Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry entrepreneur’s committee meeting took place on August 21.

Preparation to Parliament hearings, namely development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine and small and medium business support, was discussed at the meeting among other issues. Additionally, relationship between small and medium businesses of the capital city and members of Chamber of Commerce representing this segment of Ukrainian economy and region was considered.

Delivery was represented by the deputy chief executive of Delivery, Ivasiv A.V.


Delivery has got an official invitation to visit National support export Forum.

Company Delivery has got an official invitation to visit International business conference on Export-import operations between Ukraine and EU in 2016 on business and government readiness. The conference was initiated by Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the patronage of annual National business export forum.

The main aim of the conference is introduction of goods and services of domestic export into the foreign markets.

The deputy chief executive of Delivery, Ivasiv A.V., is going to visit the conference on November 12.

We remind you that the first national Forum of export supporting took place on April 16-17th, 2015, which encouraged a radically new platform for communication between government and business.

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