Delivery has introduced «Delivery-Auto» widgets

The company Delivery has introduced information «Delivery-Auto» widgets with an open code for partners’ web sites.

These information modules can be installed in any Internet resource and enable users to do the following:

  • To find the nearest warehouses (by use of client’s IP-address/geographical position,  the map will show the nearest warehouses of  company Delivery)
  • To conduct receipts search  (after receipt number is entered, client (customer) will receive information about  consignor and destination depots, dispatch of cargo and cargo receipt time, the cargo’s status and its cost)
  • To track receipts tracking (after receipt number is entered, client (customer) will receive information about cargos traffic).

Using abovementioned widgets Delivery-Auto, web sites' owners will save their time and money to disclose information from the tracking system of company Delivery.

Delivery is expected to have launched widgets with a calculator function to count cargo delivery cost all over Ukraine by the end of September. Widgets will be entirely tailored to meet Internet-shops needs.

Please click the link to find set up instructions for «Delivery-Auto» widgets


“Delivery” is going to take part in Pan-Ukrainian customs forum

On July 11, in Odesa, there will take place a Pan-Ukrainian customs form that will be held with the slogan “Reloading of Ukrainian customs service. Look from inside.”

The forum will be attended by: chairman of Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili, deputy chairman of the State Fiscal Service, chief of Ukrainian Customs House Kostyantyn Lykarchuk, representatives of the EC mission on transborder aid to Moldova and Ukraine, members of the Ukrainian parliament. The delegate from Delivery is Oleksandr Ilnytskyi, chief of development projects.

The meeting will be held in the eve of the voting of the Supreme Council on issues to reform the customs. The reform was suggested by the government. The participants of the forum will consider expedience and viability of the suggested changes. It is crucial not to make a mistake now at such an economical situation and most of all not to harm Ukrainian Customs. 


“Delivery” takes part in a seminar on issues of product export to the countries of the EC.

On July 1, 2015 with support of the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine, Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry and in conjunction with the project “Additional measures concerning the Program to support the industry policy “Facilitation of the mutual trade between Ukraine and the EC by eliminating technical barriers” there will be several regional seminars launched for Ukrainian manufacturers.

The first seminar is going to be run in Kyiv in the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine, at the address: 174 Gorkoho St.

Oleksandr Ilnytskyi, project manager on development of the company “Delivery”, takes part in discussing the key issues of the seminar, concerning product export to the countries of the European Union.

The main goal of the project is in modernization and strengthening the structures and regulatory basis to provide the system of quality and safety of Ukraine in accordance with the standards of the European Union.



"Delivery" took part in the panel session of Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On June 10, in the conference hall of Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a panel session of the Committee on issues of foreign economic activities (foreign activities committee) at Kyiv CCI.

The main aim of the meeting is to develop further strategy of the committee's activities. In the framework of the panel session, additional opportunities to expand export activities were suggested for Ukrainian organizations at the expense of efficient usage of the resources of Kyiv CCI in the format of international system of CCIs, promising projects were considered, a concept of activities of the Committee of Foreign Economic Activities was examined.

At the panel session, there were present Ukrainian production companies (exporters, members of Kyiv CCI), companies that use imported raw materials and components, as well as trading companies.

"Delivery" was represented by Oleksandr Ilnytskyi, project manager on development. The expert raised a question on international delivery of cargo, their processing and cooperation concerning transporting, stated the main problems of the industry, among which is price dumping, severe competition from the world companies-brands, absence of "culture" of international transportation of consolidated cargo and common service for the customer and performing the service of international delivery.

Following the results of the panel session, a decision was made about necessity to create a committee on promoting brands of Ukrainian producers with guarantees from Kyiv CCI. 


5 Company Advantages

Standardized rates for all types of transport

— Rate is calculated for each mode of transport
— The rate takes into account the customs clearance abroad and storage costs


Optimum cost of transportation

— Rates shown are for cargoes, making shipping costs low


  The automated system of registration of the application

— Application can be issued on the company's website and get a preliminary cost of service
— The company's manager considers each application individually


Own logistics network in Ukraine and partner abroad

— Logistics network "Delivery" covers all regions of the country
— Affiliate network abroad allows to deliver cargo to any country of the world


   Convenient and free consultation customer's own corporate network Yammer

The company "Delivery" launched its own corporate network for customers, where you can consult a specialist in each direction, to obtain the necessary materials relating to international shipping, a reference to legislation



Sea container transportation for juridical persons

Transportation of cargoes (LCL) – is one of the most popular types of transportation which helps to transport small-size parcels of cargo.

Full container load (FCL) – it is load of container with goods for one receiver of cargo. This service helps to use all benefits of sea delivery: low cost and minimal risks of cargo damage.

Countries from which we can deliver cargo by sea to Ukraine: China, Korea, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA and other.

Sea container transportations of cargo for juridical persons from countries of Asia and Europe to Ukraine (ports of Odesa, Illichivsk)


Map of representations Delivery

Карта представительств Деливери за рубежом


Shipping of Crimea subject to VAT at the rate of 20%

State Fiscal Service in a letter number 7556/6 / 99-99-19-03-02-15 explained that the operation of taxpayers for the supply of services for the carriage of goods by road from the territory of FEZ "Crimea" in the other territory of Ukraine are subject to VAT at the rate of 20% . The tax bill is made for each full or partial delivery of the goods / services as well as the amount of funds received on the current account as a prepayment (advance payment).

For international transport in Crimea set zero VAT.


EU imposes anti-dumping duties on electrical steel

The European Union tomorrow introduces additional anti-dumping duties against the supply of electrical steel from five countries: the US, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea.

This is the second since the beginning of the year, trade restrictions taken by the EU to protect its steel producer.

The European Commission in March imposed anti-dumping duties on imports from China and Taiwan cold-rolled stainless steel.

The market share of dumped imports in the EU has grown to 47% in 2012, with the majority of steel comes from Japan and Russia.

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