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Ordering of the goods

How to purchase through “Delivery-Shop” service?

Self Buyback

1. Register on the site

To make purchases on the Delivery-Shop website, you must register, indicating in the registration form all the necessary data.

2. Shopping at US online stores

In any of the US online stores (recommended online stores, can be found on our website in the "Catalog of stores" section) we select the product. Before self-purchase of goods, it is MANDATORY to register the goods to verify your order by a specialist of our company in the "Create an application" form. After checking the application by a specialist, you will receive a letter to the email address and the status in your account will change to “order is being processed” or “application is rejected”. If the specialist has not rejected the application, you can redeem the goods during purchases in American online stores in the field where you must specify the Shipping Address, which we will send to your email address.

3. Track number registration

After receiving the tracking number of the item from the online store, (usually it arrives at the mail specified during registration in the American online store and is indicated in your account), you need to register the track number in your account.

4. Payment of the delivery and receipt of the order

When the order arrives at the Delivery delivery warehouse of your choice, you will receive a notification by e-mail, and the status in your account will change to Ready to Issue. You can pay for delivery in cash at the office.

To which city of Ukraine can I order delivery?

You can order delivery to any “Delivery” warehouse in Ukraine.

What is a tracking number?

Tracking number is a unique postal identifier of your sending by which you can track your sendings.

Note! Do not confuse tracking number with an order number. Tracking number is usually assigned 1-3 days after ordering from the Internet shop.

What is Billing Address and what is Shipping Address in the order form in the US Internet shops?

When you independently purchase goods from the US Internet shops, you need to enter Billing Address and Shipping Address in the order form. Billing Address – is an address of your residence registration, in which you state where your banking card is made. Shipping Address – is the address of our warehouse in the USA, which you are given after your application is confirmed.

From which Internet shops can I make orders?

For your convenience we created a catalog of the most popular US Internet shops, but you can also order from other Internet shops that are not in our catalog.

Which goods can I order?

You have a full access to the goods from the Internet shops: video, TV, audio equipment, auto, electronics and computers, goods for sports and leisure, clothes and children’s goods, sound equipment, cosmetics, etc.

Which goods are forbidden to be transported?

In accordance with the legislation of the shipping country and the receiving country, international regulations of transporting cargo and regulations of a shipper, the following goods are forbidden for transportation:

Fire arms and ammunition, cold steel weapons and other items designated for offence and defense (knuckles, stilettos, cans with paralyzing liquid, etc), explosive, flammable and other hazardous items, military equipment unless legislation states otherwise.

Narcotic agents, psychotropic substances, their counterparts and precursors, included to the list of narcotic agents, psychotropic substances, their counterparts and precursors by the Committee of Drug Control at the Ministry of Health, that need to undergo special control in accordance with the legislation, and radioactive substances.

Obscene and amoral items.

Permits to carry weapons, labour books, military IDs, passports and other documents that identify people.

Goods, export of which is performed with the violation of the rights for intellectual property.

Items that belong to national, historical or cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people (are defined in accordance with laws of Ukraine).

Seeds and planting material, zoogenic feed items without thermal processing.

Animals, besides bees, leeches, silkworms, parasites and pest insect exterminators, designated for research of these insects, that some institutions exchange them.


Jewelries, precious stones and gems.

Medicine, food supplements, and vitamins.

You can see the full list of forbidden goods for import to Ukraine in the Tax Code of Ukraine.

Payment for the order

Payment system does not allow payment. Card limit?

In case if there is a payment error when paying for the goods “Card limit exceeded”, you should set an online limit on the card or increase it. For this purpose refer to the service support of your bank and find out more information concerning the limit of online purchases.

How to calculate the cost of goods delivery to Ukraine?

Cost of delivery is calculated by the weight of the cargo – for each 500 grams. Preliminary cost of delivery can be calculated with a calculator on the main page. When calculating, the bigger value (weight/volume) is used. For instance, if the product is light but with volume, the calculation will be done by the calculated weight (real volume *167).

How can I pay for the goods?

With the cards Visa and MasterCard of any bank of Ukraine (UAH or USD). If the payment is done by a UAH card, conversion of UAH to USD is done by the exchange rate of the bank that issued the card.

Do I also need to pay for delivery of the goods in Ukraine?

No, the delivery of the goods in Ukraine is already included to the price of the international delivery.

Can I order for the amount higher than 100 €?

Yes, you will need to pay 20% of the excess of this limit for goods up to 150 euros. If the goods cost more than 150 euros, payment to customs will be 32% of the excess of the limit of 150 euros.

Additional services


If you chose service “Insurance” when submitting your application, we will certainly reimburse you full value of your order (without considering additional services, taxes, fees of the payment system and the cost of delivery) in case if the parcel is damaged due to our company’s fault. The service of insurance is 1% from the order amount.