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Return policy

Refund takes place as follows:

  • A person who wants to return the goods to the store informs us of this intention;
  • We contact the store, agree on the possibility of returning the order back;
  • The store sends us a paid sticker for returning to the United States;
  • We put this sticker on the box and give it to the carrier.

The service is paid and costs $ 5.

Return delivery, as well as delivery within the territory of America, is paid by the sender, that is, the person who returns the goods back to the store.

Additional questions on the return of goods back you can send to the email: easydelivery.shop@gmail.com ivasivav@gmail.com, write to us in the chat or call: +1 415-359-6266, +1 415-964-2656; 0985090909.