Delivery Group begins delivering parcels to Canada

The Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada is one of the most popular, and Canada itself is the third country in the world for the number of Ukrainians. Historically, victories from Ukraine settled in the central and western parts of Canada. Tsya tendency to take care of and donin.

Ethnic Ukrainian is becoming close to 4% of the outlying population of Canada. What matters is the site of victories from Western Ukraine, which have deprived Batkivshchyna in the XX century. I would like the number of Ukrainians from the out-of-town population of Canada to be small this year, the stench added a little more political infusion. To the ethnic Ukrainians, who have achieved success in the political arena of Canada, we can mention William Gavrilyak, which is three-dimensional by the measure of Edmonton. Kolishniy premier-minister of the province of Albert, Edward Stelmakh are also sites of imigrants. Ale of the greatest successes of the dossyag Roman Gnatishin, who in the 1990-1995 rocky will embrace the governor-general of Canada.

The “Delivery Group” company itself is responsible for the improvement of the geography of the delivery of supplies. Yak vi could already guess, this year's announcement of a cob of deliveries to Canada. For tariffs, you can read the axis here (2-hectare side) https://www.delivery-auto.com/userfs/files/_int_price_2021-usa_canada.pdf . The maximum allowable value of an investment is $ 200. On the part of the United States - it is allowed to adjust products according to the standard rules.

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